Banking for International Students

Each of Canada’s major financial institutions offers banking packages designed for international students. As I mentioned earlier, there is not a lot of difference between the packages that are being offered although there may be small differences between them. The most important factor for those who have newly arrived in Canada is convenience. So go online and look at the different packages the banks have to offer to see if there is anything in particular that interests you. Then go into a branch and introduce yourself as someone looking to open a new international student account.

When you are in the branch, ask them for their business card. This is very important. If you have a problem, there will now be someone that you can contact either by phone or email. Although you can contact the bank through telephone banking, it can be very time consuming and sometimes not necessarily helpful. Having a person that you can contact will make things much easier. Many of the branches have bi-lingual staff, so look for a branch where you can communicate in your own language.

Here are links for each bank and their international student banking packages: